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Team introduction
Welling is the world's leading innovation expert in power and automotive thermal management systems, with a sound global R&D system, advanced modern manufacturing capabilities and professional team management experience. For 30 years, Welling has been committed to providing global customers with leading technology and excellent quality parts products and solutions, and continuously empowering customers to enhance market competitiveness.
hundred million
Annual R&D capital investment of motors
Motor authorized patents
Won the Epland Award for 10 consecutive years
Technology leadership
Technology leadership

Highly comfortable variable frequency motor technology

Quiet and efficient, helping to upgrade the air conditioner

Welling continues to upgrade its home and commercial BLDC motor technology

Smaller size, higher efficiency, extremely silent

Drum BLDC motor electronic control technology

Help the intelligent high-end development of washing machines

Frequency conversion control technology without position sensor & intelligent weighing & intelligent eccentric perception makes washing more intelligent, efficient and low-noise

Ultra-high speed motor technology

Expand the broad motor application space

8/12/150,000 rpm ultra-high speed BLDC motor technology

Landing household vacuum cleaners, looking forward to automobiles, power supplies and other fields

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Contact us
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